Aircraft Appearance Specialist

Our Commitment To Clients

At AeroCare Global, our mission is to provide cleaning services to the industry, while keeping safety, service quality, and customer satisfaction on the forefront of all we do. We own and operate equipment of the highest quality available to further ensure our commitments are met with 100% success for our clients. Qualified staff are available around the clock to discuss your present, as well as any future needs.

Our History

AeroCare Global, founded in 2003, is an experienced Aircraft Detailing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. AeroCare Global brings with it a combined total of over 20 years of experience in Aircraft Detailing. In that time, AeroCare has experienced significant growth as a result of out attention to detail, professional attitude, and the ability to really listen to our clients' wishes and needs. Our commitment to our clients and the quality of work is of the highest caliber. We believe that our qualifications, experience, and commitment to the environment make us uniquely positioned to provide the "Best In Class" service.

Anyone who operates an aircraft, whether in a private or commercial capacity, can recognize the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the aircraft for both aesthetic and safety reasons. With our team concept, AeroCare Global can put your aircraft where it needs to be. We strive to give our customer's aircraft a "Neat, Clean, and Crisp Appearance" for corporate or commercial passengers.

AeroCare Global continually seeks out the advice of our product and equipment manufacturers to ensure optimum performance from their supplies. We have been a proud member of NBAA, as well as The Better Business Bureau. AeroCare Global carries the proper aviation related insurances that can be provided. We are pride ourselves on our high employee retention rate. Each of our employees is carefully selected through a series of rigorous performance standards. Each individual undergoes intensive training, appropriate background checks, and has completed the airport badging process.

AeroCare Global looks forward to providing you the opportunity to highlight your well maintained aircraft for your corporate or commercial passengers.